Modern Street Ballads


Come, you cock Merchants, far and near,
Did you hear of a cock battle happened near,
Those Liverpool lads, I’ve heard them say,
The Charcoal Black, and the Bonny Grey.

We went to Jim Ward’s and call’d for a pot,
Where this cock battle was fought;
Twenty guineas a side these cocks did play,
The Charcoal Black, and the Bonny Grey.

Then Lord Derby came swaggering down,
Bet ten guineas to a crown,
If this Charcoal Black it gets fair play,
He will rip the wings of your Bonny Grey.

O, these two cocks, they came to the sod,
Cries the Liverpool lads, how now? what odds?
The odds the Prescot lads did say,
The Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey.

The cock battle it was fought,
Whilst the Charcoal he lay dead at last,
The Liverpool lads gave a loud huzza,
And carried away the Bonny Grey.

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