Modern Street Ballads


As I was a walking along the sea shore,
Where the breezes blow cool and the billows do roar,
A ship I espied on the proud swelling main,
That brought me my true love to England again.

The boat came on shore and my true love did land,
With his tarpawling jacket, and bundle in hand;
Saying presents I’ve brought you from East and from West,
Because you’re the maiden that I love the best.

I have shawls and rich laces, and fine golden rings,
And rubies and pearls, and fifty fine things;
For since you’ve proved loyal and constant to me,
I have come back to England to marry with thee.

Oh, then round her fair neck his arms he did throw,
And glad tears of joy from her eyelids did flow,
Saying William, dear William, thou’rt welcome to me,
For many long months I have watchéd for thee.

O, come my dear Sailor, and let us begone,
My father and mother are waiting at home,
To see my dear sailor how glad they will be,
For they prayed for your safety while you were at sea.

Then come, my dear girl, to the Church let’s away,
And we shall be wedded without more delay,
I’ve riches in store, love, when thou art my wife,
To make us contented and happy for life.

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