Modern Street Ballads


Some servant girls at Croydon fair,
A dancing with young fellows were,
But there was none among the clan,
So spruce and smart, as Kate’s young man.
They were seen home by Kate’s young man—
And asked to tea was Kate’s young man—
And cookey prepared a sop in the pan,
Next day, to give to Kate’s young man.

As Kate’s young man got talk’d about,
And as the old Misses was going out,
The three young missesses form’d a plan,
To have a peep at Kate’s young man.
They heard the ring of Kate’s young man,
They sent down wine to Kate’s young man,
Then several times in the kitchen they ran,
To have a peep at Kate’s young man.

With Kate’s young man, so full of glee,
That night below, the street door key
The housemaid got, and then began
Through it to quiz at Kate’s young man.
Upon my honour, a nice young man,
You’re what we call Kate’s young man,
Then, romping around for the key he ran,
And, take it away did Kate’s young man.

When Kate’s young man went off with the key,
Miss Kate let out her jealousy,
And at the housemade she began,
For romping about with her young man.
Pray, is he your, or my young man?
Why don’t you get your own young man?
And then they were within a span
Of scratching each other, for Kate’s young man.

About Kate’s young man, was all this fuss,
When Kate cried out, Where is my purse?
And vere’s my vatch, said Cooky, and Ann
Exclaim’d, counfound that Kate’s young man.
I’ve lost my brooch by Kate’s young man.
Oh, he’s taken the things in fun, said Fan,
They thought it so, and then they began
To laugh at the wit of Kate’s young man.

That very night, as sure as fate,
Some thief got in, and stole the plate,
And the street door key reminded Ann,
It might be done by Kate’s young man.
Oh, Kate, I fear it is your young man,
Oh, my goodness, gracious, Ann!
They call’d the policeman, who began
To ask a deal about Kate’s young man.

At the office of police, next day,
The servants went to say their say,
When lo! and behold, from the prisoner’s van,
The first who came out was Kate’s young man.
An old offender was Kate’s young man,
And over the water went Kate’s young man.

      (Spoken) And Kate, crying, accused the housemaid of causing his ruin, ‘Cos if she hadn’t rompfoozled with the key, as oughtn’t he wouldn’t have taken it, as couldn’t. When Ann, rather nettled, retorted, with the following golden maxim, and wished that every missus would have it put up in every kitchen—that she did—

Let servant girls get what they can,
But not get any like Kate’s young man.

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