Modern Street Ballads


I am a youthful lady, my troubles they are great,
My tongue is scarcely able my grievance to relate,
Since I have lost my true love that was ever dear to me,
He is gone to plough the Ocean, on board the Victory.

Many a pleasant evening my love and I have met,
He clasp’d me round my slender waist, and gave me kisses sweet,
I gave to him my hand and heart, he vow’d he’d marry me,
But I did not know that my love would go on board the Victory.

My parents could not endure my love, because he was poor,
Therefore he did not presume to come within the door;
But, had he been some noble lord, or man of high degree,
They ne’er had sent the lad I love, on board the Victory.

Thirteen of the pressgang did my love surround,
And one of the cursed gang, he laid bleeding on the ground,
My love was overpowered, but he fought most manfully,
Till he was obliged to yield, and go in the Victory.

Each night, when in my slumbers, I can’t find any rest,
Love for my lad so dearly reigns within my burning breast,
Sometimes I dream I do enjoy my love’s sweet company,
And closely locked in my arms, on board the Victory.

His teeth were white as ivory, his hair in ringlets hung,
His cheeks like blooming roses, all in the month of June,
He is lively, tall and handsome, in every degree,
My heart lies in his bosom, on board the Victory.

Here’s success unto the Victory, and crew of noble fame,
And glory to the noble lord, bold Nelson, was his name,
in the battle of Trafalgar, the Victory cleared the way,
And my love was slain with Nelson upon that very day.

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