Modern Street Ballads


The twenty-first day of October,
It being a glorious day,
The combin’d fleets of Spain and France,
They met at Buzeray.
Their number it being thirty three,
Bertram chanced them to see.
There is twenty seven of them for me,
Said brave Nelson.

We form’d a line of battle,
Our cannons loud did roar,
Some we sent into the air,
And others down below.
But Nelson on the deck so high,
Aloud unto his men did cry,
This day we conquer or we die,
Said brave Nelson.

On the twenty first of October,
At the rising of the sun,
We form’d the line for action,
At twelve o’clock begun.
We manned our rigging and shot away,
Besides some thousands on that day,
Were killed and wounded in the ‘fray,
With brave Nelson.

Our ship was numbered twenty seven,
Her cannon loud did roar,
We ships, in number twenty seven,
Took from the Spanish shore.
But when we’d victory on our side,
A musket ball his life destroyed,
And in the midst of glory died,
Our brave Nelson.

To view this hero dying,
With his last parting breath,
He prayed for England’s glory,
At the moment of his death.
Farewell my lads, my glass is run,
This day will be my setting sun,
And providence it must be done,
Said brave Nelson.

Fare you well brave Nelson,
Old England shed a tear,
The bravest of her heroes,
Has lost his life so dear.
Did he not merit much applause,
He fought for liberty and laws,
He bled and died for England’s cause
The brave Nelson.

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