Modern Street Ballads

In the “thirties” of this century, this was one of the most popular of street songs, and is well worth reproducing among the humorous ballads, as it is utterly unknown to the present generation.


All round my hat I vears a green villow,
All round my hat for a twelvemonth and a day,
If any one should ax it, the reason vy I vears it,
Tell them that my true love is far, far away.

’Twas going of my rounds in the streets I did meet her,
Oh, I thought she vas an hangel just come down from the sky,
(Spoken) She’d a nice wegitable countenance, Turnip nose, Redish cheeks, and Carroty hair.
And I never heard a woice more louder and more sweeter,
Vhen she cried, buy my Primroses, my Primroses come buy.
(Spoken) Here’s your fine Colliflowers!

Oh, my love she vas fair, and my love she vas kind, too,
And cruel vas the judge vot my love had to try,
(Spoken) Here’s your precious Turnips!
For thieving vas a thing she never vas inclined to,
But he sent my love across the seas, far, far away.
(Spoken) Here’s your hard hearted Cabbages!

For seven long years my love and I are parterd,
For seven long years, my love is bound to stay,
(Spoken) ’Tis a precious long time ‘fore I does any trade to-day.
Bad luck to the chap vot’d ever be false hearted,
Oh, I’d love my love for ever, though she’s far away.
(Spoken) Here’s your nice heads of Sallary!

There is some young men as is so precious deceitful,
A coaxing of the young girls they wish to lead astray,
(Spoken) Here’s your Valnuts, crack ’em and try ’em, a shillin’ a hundred!
As soon as they deceive ’em, so cruelly-ly they leave ’em,
And they never sighs nor sorrows, ven they’re far avay.
(Spoken) Do you vant any Hunguns to day, marm?

Oh, I bought my love a ring, on the werry day she started,
Vich I gave her as a token all to remember me,
(Spoken) Bless her heyes.
And vhen she does come back, oh, ve’ll never more be parted,
But ve’ll marry, and be happy, oh, for ever and a day.
(Spoken) Here’s your fine spring Radishes!

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